Overcomplicating things for no reason (Part 2)

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It’s been a busy week, but also a fruitful one. We have finally deployed a somewhat production ready application to mujik.aloo.pw. Currently you can sign up, login and… that’s about it. We’ll get where we need to in about five weeks! The majority of the time last week was creating a developer workflow that made it easy to have all the infrastructure up and ready for local development without having my team members worrying about installing dependencies or setting up databases. A simple docker-compose.yml did the trick for us. As… Read More »Overcomplicating things for no reason (Part 2)

Overcomplicating things for no reason (Part 1)

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Last week I introduced mujik, the capstone project that I am working on with my mates, Atharva and Gaurav. It is coming on rather well but we were weirdly asked to implement the entire UI for our project (at least re-create the mockups even if it is not functional). In the span of a week, we worked tirelessly to create the majority of our front end and surprisingly… it came out rather well. At least to our expectations. You can view the mujik web app at https://mujik-web.vercel.app. Though it will… Read More »Overcomplicating things for no reason (Part 1)

Putting Everything Together (Introducing mujik)

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Hi there! It’s definitely been a while! For the past couple of weeks I’ve largely been occupied with finishing up my degree. And as Steve Kerr says, “the closeout game is always the hardest game in every series”. That couldn’t be more true as senioritis has kicked in and things don’t get easier when your college experience is now limited to a series of Zoom calls throughout the week. Nonetheless, as I have been pining away at my assignments something wonderful has been brewing behind the scenes. What’s great is… Read More »Putting Everything Together (Introducing mujik)

Self-Hosting all the things (Part 2 – nginx reverse proxy and VPN)

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Last time we learned how to get started with self hosting. With all things being considered it was actually quite simple. In fact finding what to host yourself can be quite involving, I hope to make a master list of things that you can self host. In the meantime, here’s a great alternative! Alright alright. Now that you’ve got a couple of services running on your machine you’ll start to notice that it is quite annoying to access your services using something like localhost:4200 or 192.168.1.XXX:8989 if you’re accessing it… Read More »Self-Hosting all the things (Part 2 – nginx reverse proxy and VPN)

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Making Performance Testing Less Painful

For most undergrads while getting their CS degrees, pining away at side projects we will often forget how important testing and quality assurance is when we publish our projects. Although to be fair, it makes sense why that is the case. At that time, you just want something that works. That in and on itself is an achievement. With the rise of scripting languages such as JavaScript and Python with the new batch of programmers, it’s not very sexy for us to write load tests with something like JMeter. To… Read More »Making Performance Testing Less Painful

Self-Hosting all the things (Part 1 – Getting Started)

A Rabbit Hole My homelab started as a way for me have a place to store media for my friends and family. A simple Plex server. Hosting it was quite simple, as Plex essentially handles all of it for you. The only difficult part of the process is port-forwarding so that your Plex Server is exposed to the outside internet (which I don’t recommend by the way!). That is how I got started with my homelab, with a Plex instance running. From there, things started to ramp up quite rapidly.… Read More »Self-Hosting all the things (Part 1 – Getting Started)

Terraforming the Cloud

About two semesters ago, I took quite possibly one of the most difficult Undergraduate Classes at Stony Brook; that being CSE 354: Cloud Computing. I still consider that class to be a turning point for my education as a developer because before that, the extent of my knowledge of the cloud was occassionally ssh’ing into a server and setting up a basic nginx reverse proxy for my webapp. I learned quite a lot and the class in retrospect was a great introduction to distrubuted computed although we just scraped the… Read More »Terraforming the Cloud

A New Mother#^@%*&ing Website

I had just recently started my internship and started to get to know my fellow interns a bit more. We started to share various social medias that we could be found on. This was nothing but a veiled attempt to “network” with people we could one day ask for a referral in case they make it into a FAANG. While this was all happening, we also started to take a look at everyone’s websites. Having a domain and a website is dirtcheap these days and everyone should have one. Nothing… Read More »A New Mother#^@%*&ing Website

Leaving Windows for… Windows?

For the longest time, I have religiously used Windows. I still remember watching my uncle play Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun on his computer running Windows 98… or was it XP? Probably 98. It was long ago but in India technology was 5-10 years behind whatever the latest consumer hardware that was available; at least for me and my family who were from a relatively small town. I’ve essentially been using Windows for ~20 years and it has worked well enough for me. I knew about MacOS and it looked… Read More »Leaving Windows for… Windows?

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First Bash Script

After spending quite an intimate week with a nice Linux Shell Scripting tutorial recommended to me by Uncle Raju I thought it would be great to actually put those scripting skills to use. My father has a very expansive collection of home videos spanning all the way to the 1980s of our family. Sadly enough, they are not very accessible. It’s definitely a very involved process when it comes to being able to watch them. The videos were ripped straight from DVDs and VHS tapes and thus they are split… Read More »First Bash Script